Drone Soccer Ball for Education

2021-02-16 17:28:35 IFLIGHT 214

Drone Soccer is a fast-paced indoor team sport played with remote-controlled drones encased in plastic spheres. Similar to Quidditch, but with drone balls, competitions are played in a netted 10’x10’x20’ arena. Vertical hoops serve as goals to fly through at both ends of the arena, with teams defending the goal on their side. Drone soccer balls fly and compete through three, 3 minute periods, and the team with the most goals wins the match.

Affordable. Durable. Repairable.

Designed by educators, our future-proofed designs can be quickly and cheaply repaired for long-term use. Everything you see here is fully compatible with leading drone racing programs and can be completely modified and upgraded including fabrication, hardware, and the addition of first-person-view (FPV) cameras. 


Open-Sourced Technology

The 20cm Drone Soccer Ball by iFlight is a crash-resistant design with components that can all be easily replaced with a single tool. No soldering required! Our kits include all of the spare parts and equipment a new pilot needs to begin building, flying, and upgrading their design. Unlike commercial drones, students can directly reprogram the flight controller using free Betaflight software.


Automated Score Keeping

Our proprietary goals are the most advanced on the market, with the ability to detect when drones pass through but also to reject false positives. Goals are only counted when the designated ‘Striker’ passes through the correct goal. Bright LED’s illuminate the glass backboard and flash to signal a successful goal, and the current score is brightly displayed on each side.


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