• Cinelifter Taurus X8 TEASER

    Cinelifter Taurus X8 TEASER

    Let's introduce our new iFlight Taurus X8 BNF, the quad to lift those big cams!The perfect Tool for the Cinema Industry. From Red Komodo to BMPCC, this Heavy Lift Rig can create Acrobatic Shots wi

  • New long range quad - Chimera5

    New long range quad - Chimera5

    Introducing our first ultra-light Long Range 5 inch BNF for every terrain and beyond. Our newest Beast F7 AIO on board coupled with our XING 2005 motors. If our iFlight Chimera4 is too small and light

  • Drone Soccer Ball for Education

    Drone Soccer Ball for Education

    Drone Soccer is a fast-paced indoor team sport played with remote-controlled drones encased in plastic spheres. Similar to Quidditch, but with drone balls, competitions are played in a netted 10’x10’x

  • INNOVATIVE!!! New Cinewhoop released

    INNOVATIVE!!! New Cinewhoop released

    Our all-new 2.5inch project is finally ready for all you content creators or those guys who like to wear some protection every now and then. Prop protection is what we're talking about here... ProTek is not necessarily just a Cinewhoop series but far more. Equipped with our popular XING 1404 motors in a higher kV class will give you all the power you need to get good speed, do some freestyle or carry a full GoPro through tiny gaps.

  • ALPHA A85 Pusher, perfect match with naked GoPro

    ALPHA A85 Pusher, perfect match with naked GoPro

    The long-requested BNF is finally ready for everyone! Our converted Alpha C85 in a popular CineWhoop pusher configuration for an Insta360 or naked GoPro Hero to shoot the most insane footage ever. Cam

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